Friday, 13 September 2013

Christian News from Around the World (13/9)

An Unknown Pastor Is Not the Same Thing As an Ordinary Pastor - I’m not sure there’s much ordinary about the pastorate and a great many of the men who serve the church are quite extraordinary. We found again and again that “unknown” is not the same thing as “ordinary.”

Sin Helps us Understand the Bible? - Here are 12 ways it does just that.

Dying well - Having considered the fact that people die, the Puritans concluded that a person should aim to “die well.” By “dying well,” they mean that a person should accept death with his wits about him, while remaining faithful to the Lord.

A Word for Us All - We need to study all of it and preach from all of it, not just the stuff that hits our sweet spot. God has a word for all of us—if we are willing to look hard enough and willing to listen.

Faith, Finances and Pharisee Discipleship - I wish you know what they are, before you find out what they're not.