Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Christian News from Around the World (17/9)

The Influences of C.S. Lewis on Kathy Keller - Lewis has been my daily companion. He alone navigated me through the cynicism and illogic of my college religion classes. His prose was a model for my own. When others began to write about him and form societies and have dinners and speakers and tours, I must admit to a pang of jealousy. Lewis was mine!

Jesus Overpowers Your Envy - Envy does not just leave us feeling bad. We become its slave, paying out the prices it demands. So we toil to bring in more money, we amass debts to fund the lifestyle, we push ourselves harder to make certain goals, and we cover up those parts of us that don’t fit the plan. We’re not out to enjoy life anymore or even merely invest in a career—we’re creating and sustaining a reputation, an identity… a legacy. But those who appear better off always threaten to derail our plans.

John Stott on Pacifism -John Stott was once a Pacifist, but change his mind on it. Though Stott believed in the legitimacy of war, he applied his biblical wisdom to areas that cut across Right and Left divisions in American politics.

Essentials of the Christian Faith - Here are ten useful guidelines.

Jealous Preachers - In our honest moments I expect nearly all of us would be willing to admit we struggle with jealousy. It is a huge issue particularly amongst us preachers and yet it's rarely talked about. So much of the decrying of others ministries and us splitting into camps has jealousy at its root. It is very difficult to handle others' great success while we are plodding along and not seeing much visible fruit for our labours.