Saturday, 7 September 2013

Christian News from Around the World (7/9)

Youth Ministry and Performance Preaching - To mobilize this generation, the great and magnificent calling of every youth leader is to amaze their young people with God.

Dealing with Fear and Anxiety - Anxious and fearful people can easily slip into taking Scripture as a pill. Take one passage twice a day for two weeks and your symptoms will be gone. When the pill doesn’t work we have two choices.

Accuser and the Advocate - There is an Accuser. There is also an Advocate.

Farewell, NIV - This year many Christian schools finally dropped the NIV, and replaced it with something else.

Take some time to listen to this song, meaningfully crafted and worded.

"God can shape us in any way he pleases. He raised Moses in a palace in order to use him in a desert; he raised Joseph in a desert in order to use him in a palace." Ravi Zacharias