Thursday, 5 September 2013

Snippets of News from Around the World (5/9)

Boy genius - Diagnosed with severe autism as a child, Barnett is now 15 and one of the world’s most promising physicists

Speed Bump - How fast can you hit a speed bump while driving and live?

Period Table - What Would Happen If Every Element On The Periodic Table Came Into Contact Simultaneously?

KitKat - The next version of Android will be called KitKat, as in the Nestle chocolate wafers, and comes with a contest to win Android and Google Play swag.

The Perfect Nap - For a quick boost of alertness, experts say a 10-to-20-minute power nap is adequate for getting back to work in a pinch. For cognitive memory processing, however, a 60-minute nap may do more good...

POW Who Returned to Captivity - Capt Campbell wrote a letter to the German emperor begging to be allowed to go and see his mother, which the Kaiser allowed - as long as Capt Campbell gave his word that he would return.