Friday, 6 September 2013

Snippets of News From Around the World (6/9)

What 1,000 Tiny, Fracking-Caused Earthquakes Can Do to a Home - What's fracking you might ask? Well read on.

Do Octopuses Feel Pain? - How much pain and distress can these relatively short-lived invertebrates experience?

An Artistic Collaboration With a 4-Year Old - When Mica Angela Hendricks, a professional illustrator, bought a new sketchbook, her young daughter ditched her own art supplies and wanted to contribute to her mothers work. The result is a charming combination of grown up perfection and youthful imagination.

10 Fascinating Skybridges - See what's on no. 1!

When three bookstores have a fight..... over twitter - See what happens....

Funniest reviews on Amazon - Some are really funny.

New 'Social Camera' That Makes It Easy To Take Pictures At Any Occasion - TheQ is a camera designed for easy shareability with friends, through social networks. With TheQ, your every photograph you snap can be easily edited with filters, touched-up and then shared on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr wirelessly.