Saturday, 19 October 2013

Christian News from Around the World (19/10)

8 Levels of the Interpretation of Gen 3:15 - Such, then, is the gospel theology here revealed, in germ, through the very terms of the curse pronounced upon the destroyer of the race.

Despite Doubt - A new book by Mike Witter dealing with doubts in the Christian life.

6 Lessons I Learned as a Rookie Pastor - My first year of pastoral ministry was like being dropped into a battlefield that I’d only read about. Yet, there I was, in the midst of the destruction of sin and the brutality of a world following the enemy, trying to discern what it actually looked like to be in the trenches, pastoring the people of God. It was terrifying. After a year in the battle, here are six lessons that I learned as a rookie pastor.

Me-ness or Meekness - Meekness is the opposite of me-ness. It is putting others first, second and third, and yourself last. And it is putting God above everyone. “But if I do that, everyone else will get everything and I’ll be left with nothing.” Well, yes, it might mean we lose out a bit in this sinful, temporary world. But Jesus’ promise means that we will inherit the perfect, eternal world. That’s where faith comes in.

Rejoice (acoustic) by Dustin Kensrue