Sunday, 27 October 2013

Christian News from Around the World (27/10)

Evangelizing the Nations at Home - If unbelievers have lost interest in showing hospitality to foreigners, we have all the more opportunity! We can welcome foreigners, show compassion, and so commend the gospel right here in America.

Roland Allen’s Challenge to Missions - Roland Allen believed the methods and strategies of the Apostle Paul were being neglected in contemporary mission efforts. To counter this problem, Allen expounds on the activities of Paul in his day.

Reading N. T. Wright - Some advice on how to read and handle such literature.

Boring' Testimonies - Every Christian has a redemption story. Whether you are saved from cocaine addiction or a prideful heart, from deep in a prison cell or the comfort of your suburban home, your story is filled with grace. If we can't see the beauty of a redemption story, the problem isn't with the story: the problem is with us.