Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Christian News from Around the World (30/10)

Kill every man, woman and child in the Promised Land? - When we read about the execution of the Canaanites we ought not to ask, “How could God do this?” but “Why does He not kill us all?” The shocking part of the story of the conquest of Canaan is God’s love for His rebellious people, not His just wrath toward other rebels.

Trusting the Bible Even When It’s Hard - Honest and wise words from B. B. Warfield about how to approach the Scriptures when we encounter difficulties in the text

I'm Done Fixing the Church: Turning the Future Over to God - As a wise colleague recently reminded me, “Jesus already fixed the church. There is no need for you to go to the cross too.”

The Secret Women's Porn Problem - Women, you are not alone in this struggle with temptation to sexual sin. You aren't the only one ashamed of the sexually explicit material in your browser history or on your e-reader. For all who face these temptations, the power of the gospel enables you to say no to sin.

How to Read Stuff You Don't Agree - Obviously there’s a bit more involved, but you get the point. If you race into an article with your adrenaline receptors on high, your reticular activator going full blast, and your flux capacitor in overdrive, you’re in trouble