Saturday, 26 October 2013

Christian Post from Around the World (26/10)

Household Battles - Top 10 reasons for arguments.

8 Benefits of Forgiving Others - However, if such relatively minor offenses against such relatively minor people can help us to forgive, how much more being forgiven by a holy God for offenses not just against His law but against His love? As Jesus said, He who has been forgiven much, the same loves much.

A 'Mostly Divine' Jesus? - In other words, “mostly divine” undermines the gospel itself.... That’s part of the reason the early church rejected any attempt to say that Jesus was less than divine. For them, it wasn’t enough to reject the conclusion that Jesus was “not divine.” According to them, even “mostly divine” was inadequate. Only “fully divine” truly secured the gospel and the salvation of the world

Bringing Good out of Evil - God’s infinite wisdom then is displayed in bringing good out of evil, beauty out of ashes. It is displayed in turning all the forces of evil that rage against His children into good for them. But the good that He brings about is often different than the good we envision.

Self-Discipline - As sap flows into the branch, producing fruit, divine grace must fill the believer, producing self-control. The self can never produce self-discipline. Only as Christians live under the Holy Spirit’s control can they live self-controlled lives.