Monday, 28 October 2013

Christian Post from Around the World (28/10)

10 Readable Puritan - But not all Puritans are tough to read. Some are about as easy to read as a book you would find in your local Christian bookstore. Here are ten of the most readable Puritans with a suggested book to get you started.

Learn from Chick-fil-A - Let this much be clear: The church doesn’t need Chick-fil-A. We don’t need successful Christian businesses, athletes, films, and reality shows for the advance of the gospel. The tip of the spear is the local church. But when we can glean a few pointers from another body reading our Book, we might as well take notice.

Evangelism without an Altar Call - The practice of granting people immediate assurance of salvation—without taking the time to test the credibility of their profession—seems unwise at best and scandalous at worst. It is unwise because the pastor cannot sufficiently know the person he’s about to affirm is a Christian.

Atheist Philosopher Named a Defense of Christianity His Book of the Year - Here's Why. "As a non-Christian, indeed a committed atheist, I was worried about how I’d feel about this book but it pulled off a rare feat: making Christianity seem appealing to those who have no interest in ever being Christians."

Recovering a Vision: The Presidency of R. Albert Mohler Jr. from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.