Thursday, 24 October 2013

News from Around the World (24/10)

Windows and Poor Battery Life - "Instead of the 26% less battery life in Windows that Anand measured in 2009, we're now seeing 50% less battery life. This is an enormous gap between Windows and OS X in what is arguably the most common form of computer usage today, basic WiFi web browsing. That's shameful. Embarrassing, even." (Moral of the story: If you want long battery life, just switch over to mac, you wouldn't regret it!)

Hopes of Cure for Baldness - Now, Colin Jahoda at Durham University, UK, and colleagues have managed to produce multiple dermal papillae that retain their specialised abilities by culturing the cells in a 3D rather than 2D system.

World's 'Most Traveled' Man - Meet Mike Spencer Bown who's 44 years old and have travelled to more than 190 countries.

Ma’am, Your Burger Has Been Paid For - “This is an example of goodness gone viral,” said Ms. Ryan, who since the publication of “Pay It Forward” has become somewhat of a clearinghouse for random acts of kindness. “People bring me their pay-it-forward stories, and I’ve been hearing about the drive-through phenomenon a lot lately.”

If Beer Ads were Forced to be Honest