Sunday, 3 November 2013

Christian News from Around the World (3/11)

Calvin's Eight Principle - Seeing Christ in Old Testament - Here are eight principles on Christ-centered interpretation of the Old Testament gleaned from a survey of Calvin’s Institutes, sermons, and commentaries.

9 Ways to Become a Boring Writer - So I’ve decided to lower the standards and help you become, like me, a boring writer who only publishes things that will be forgotten as soon as they reach the end of their publishing cycle–ten minutes for a tweet, three days for a blog post, a week for an essay, and right around three months for a book.

Did the Prophets Know What They Were Saying? - In the same way, even though the divine author of the OT prophecies understood full well all of the specific referents in those prophecies, the fact that the prophets themselves did not necessarily know the identity of these referents does not indicate that they did not understand the meaning of their own messages.

God’s Commitment to Forgetfulness - Later that day, Johnny Hunt spoke at LifeWay’s chapel and delivered a truth-filled message about how God’s grace overcomes past regrets. He brought up God’s promise to “forget” our sins, to never bring up our past again, and he pointed to the New Testament’s discussion of Old Testament heroes as proof. Think about it. No matter how flawed our heroes are shown to be in the Old Testament, they are presented at their best in the New.

Conscience and Why Does It Matter?