Monday, 4 November 2013

Christian News from Around the World (4/11)

Can A Christian Commit Suicide? - As you can see, the subject of suicide and salvation is no simple matter. Biblically informed wisdom and careful theological reasoning are therefore essential whenever we encounter something not explicitly addressed in Scripture. Our chief focus should be on that about which God has said much (salvation), not on that about which he's said little (suicide).
Three Ideas To Help Boys Succeed at School - Here are three other suggestions from my own painful experience in public schools that I believe would revolutionize schools for many boys.

What Is Our Problem With Hell? - Perhaps some have trouble with the doctrine of hell emotionally because, deep down, we may find ourselves posing defensive questions in response. The question that hides under most questions regarding hell is “Isn’t hell unfair?”

Advice to Seminarians

What Is Biblical Theology and Why Do We Need It?”