Friday, 1 November 2013

News from Around the World (1/11)

Google's Nexus 5 - The Nexus 5 is available today at the Google Play store. It's a fully unlocked device, priced at $349 with no contract for the base 16GB model. The 32GB version prices in at $399, and both are available in white and black.

Which Is More Evil: Coke or Pepsi? - If you don't like GMOs, then you probably shouldn't drink either of America's leading soda brands. But let's say Coke and Pepsi products are your only options. How do the two soda giants compare on the social-responsibility index? Here's our totally subjective guide to the relative malevolence of America's favorite pop-making multinationals.

Why Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold—Physicists Solve the Mpemba Effect - You might know that if you use hot water instead of cold water it actually freezes faster. But now you know why it does!

Science secrets of the scariest haunted houses - There are two approaches to understanding how fear works in the brain. Joy Hirsch of Yale University investigates using an fMRI scanner. In the scanner, researchers provide study participants with a stimulus -- usually an image of a frightened person or a spider or snake -- that is known to trigger the response.

This is a great. You HAVE to watch this.