Wednesday, 13 November 2013

News from Around the World (13/11)

Paul and the Faithfulness of God - D. J. Moo's review of N. T. Wright's book.


Truth Remains - Check out this post that provides a link to 4 short clips on the history of the 4 great English Bible.

Is John Piper Really Reformed? - Do I think TULIP is the essence of Calvinism? No. Do I wish many who think of themselves as “Reformed” would go a lot farther back and dig a lot deeper down? Yes. But does it bother me that people think of Piper, Mohler, and Dever as Reformed? Not at all. 

Buddy, can you spare a dime? - It seems to me that many of us work in churches where we as ministers are among those most protected from the harsh realities and dangers of life in a post-Christian world.   So we should not flatter ourselves about how hard and dangerous our calling is.

Should every church be multiethnic? - I meet pastors all the time who insist that their homogenous church simply reflects the homogeneity of their community. However, when they examine their community’s census data, they discover that there are significant numbers of diverse people all around them.
Five Truths About Christian Suffering - But just because we experience suffering as we await the redemption of our bodies, it doesn’t mean that our suffering is random or without purpose. And neither does it mean that Scripture doesn’t tell us how to think about our suffering now. Here are five important biblical truths about suffering every Christian should have ready

Walking with God in Everyday Life - The Bible says that “the Lord was with” Abraham, Joseph, David, and Hezekiah. We’re also told that Enoch and Noah “walked with God.” These are two sides of the one coin, two perspectives on the same experience of God’s special presence with His people.