Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Book Review - Knowable Word (14/5)

There seems to be a deluge of books on the word of God recently, first came the "Taking God at His Word" by Kevin DeYoung. Then came "Knowable Word" by Peter Krol. Looking forward for more books in this area. I do seriously think the current generation needs to read  more and more of God's Word.KW-Cover-2-small

Knowable Word is a great introduction for anyone to do just that. The main aim of the book is to help people read and understand the bible by themselves.

Krol first begins by telling the audience why we need to study the bible, showing us variously ways people have studied the bible and finally introduces his method, the OIA.

  1. Observation

  2. Interpretation

  3. Application

Krol then goes on to show each and every step, giving clear examples and explanation on the objective of each of the "steps". Although this book is meant really for relatively new christians, Krol also highlights dangers that we might bring into each study before we even begin, this dangers would be very helpful for those who have been studying the bible for quite some time.

What's great about this book is that unlike other OIA methods, this one sticks in and wants you to see and observe how the passage you're studying is related/leading to Christ.

Littered around the book is also helpful excerises that helps the read to see and apply what they learn on the spot, Krol also consistently uses the same, simple passage (Gen 1-2:3) throughout the book to let you have a feel of how everything would be like if you had used this method consistently.

Although this might not be the one and other book you'll ever need to interpret the book carefully (for example genres were not discussed in great depth), this is an excellent start for any Christian, to help them see that they can and should study the bible by themselves and for themselves.

Why not buy a copy, and try these methods out yourself and/or with a friend? I'm sure you'll be able to see that it is possible for us ordinary people to understand bible!

Rating: 4/5

If you're interested you can get it here and here (free international shipping), Kindle.