Monday, 6 October 2014

Book Review - The Home Team (5/10)

If you play any team sports, I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy this book. Furthermore I find the illustration of a team excellent when discussing about the concept of family. Using this illustration, Clint Archer has written a practical and helpful book on how to build godly families in this thin and engaging book.The Home Team

First Archer tackles the issue about why raising godly families is difficult, he talks about sin and its effects on creation, family, and on menhood and womenhood. It is also in this chapter that Archer highlights to the readers that only their desperate need for the Holy Spirit to be to carry out anything outlined in the book.

Archer very wisely brings out the importance of the principle of one flesh and to forsake all others. This he affirms and wants christians to grapple with this truth early on in the book. This is the foundational truth that God has given to families.  Archer then very logically, systematically takes the reader through starting from husbands and dads, then on to wives and mothers. Archer reminds the men that as fathers, they are the spiritual leaders in the family, likewise he reminds the ladies, that as wives they are to be a helper to their husbands.

Next Archer delivers 2 very helpful chapters on children. Archer shows the readers very clearly that from the bible, the child's response towards their parents is very simple: to obey them in everything. However Archer also very even-handed tells parents that their aim in lives is not to have children who obeys superficially.  He includes a short teaching on parenting that is both insightful and perceptive. Archer also have an additional chapter on adolescents (and extended adolescents) he very wisely grapples with the issues of this age, and dishes out very wise and biblical advice on this matter.

Next, he covers an expected topic: Singleness. Archer helps parents see that God may have called some of His children to celibacy, as such we need to have a correct understanding of celibacy. It’s purpose to so that the celibate can serve the Lord more wholeheartedly. He adds also a short writeup on how we can help the singles in our church not to feel lonely in the family of God.

Archers then moves on to talk about the para-support system for families, these includes grandparents and the educational system. He addresses each of them and gives an idea of their rightful position. I felt this chapter has done an excellent job in the discussion about the boundaries and use of the educational system.

Archers ends off by topping out all this with the importance of prayer in the whole process. He encourages family to consistently spend time together reading God’s word, and praying together. Those with younger kids can start with an easy to read version of the bible and keeping it fun. Slowly they can move on to give our heavier content to the children, Archer reminds parents that kids do have a very strong ability to learn, even early on in their lives, do not to be too afraid to use some of the denser stuff like catechism.

This has been an excellent book on how to build a godly family. Short, insightful and biblical. I strongly encourage those who wish to build a godly family to start to read and learn from this book!

Rating: 4.75 /5

If you're interested you can get it here, and here (free international shipping), Kindle.

Disclaimer: I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.