Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Christian News from Around the World (10/9)

Logic and a College Student's Faith - He was required to take Philosophy 101. Stephen says that having a foundation of logical principles and Bible doctrine before entering the course helped him maintain his faith.

Thomas Boston - What is most remarkable about Boston is the unique combination of so many graces in one man.

Where did the Bible come from? - In this five-step process—revelation, transmission, translation, interpretation, and application—we see how God speaks to us and cares deeply about our lives. We also see how the chasm between God and us is graciously filled by God’s revelation, which is more accurate and true than any human speculation (such as religion and philosophy)

You're intolerant, I'm right, the passive-aggressive tolerance trick - The key to understanding this trick is knowing that everyone thinks his own beliefs are correct. If people didn’t think their beliefs were true, they wouldn’t believe them. They’d believe something else and think that was true.

7 Negative Effects of Porn - This is a rather frank post on porn, so proceed, or not, with that in mind.