Sunday, 15 September 2013

Christian News from Around the World (15/9)

Questions That Will Radically Change Your Marriage - What if you could help your marriage be more about relationship and less about business? It’s easy to know our spouse’s schedule and forget about their heart. These six questions will recalibrate your marriage.

Destroy Your Marriage - The Devil had begun his work before they'd even made it to the altar. Though Tim and Jess are Christians, their dating and engagement were marked with sexual impurity.

Sanctified Imagination - What role does imagination plays in sanctification? See the answer by Kevin Vanhoozer. "My concern is that many Evangelicals are suffering from malnourished imaginations. This impedes their ability to live coherently in the world—that is, according to a meaningful metanarrative."

The Art of Taking Notes - I’d like to believe that my mind is a steel trap. But it’s more like a sieve.You can see how that might cause problems in a relationship. But it’s particularly a challenge for students. You’re investing tremendous time and money in what you’re learning.

Rookie Pastor's First Impression - I recently made the transition from the seminary desk to the church pulpit. It has been one of the most joyful experiences in my life, but also one of the most humbling as I have had to hit the “reset” button on my expectations and assumptions.