Monday, 16 September 2013

News from Around the World (16/9)

Stopping the Next Mark Zuckerberg Drop-out - Earlier this year, for example, the Wall Street Journal reported that over a dozen students quit Stanford (paywall) to work on their mobile payments startup. Many students at Harvard have also taken “breaks” mid-course after receiving funding and mentoring from avenues such as the accelerator Y Combinator. Something similar is happening at Berkeley.

Why ‘Tetris’ Is So Addictive - Research on the affect of the effect has been deployed to explain what makes Tetris so addictive, how suspense keeps movie audiences interested, and how commercials can be made more effective. 

Sergeant Stubby - And once, when a German spy infiltrated an Allied foxhole, Stubby attacked the intruder until American troops could capture him. This last triumph prompted the 102nd Infantry’s commander to put in for Stubby’s promotion to sergeant, and he became the first dog ever to receive a rank in the American military.

The Two Teslas - Anybody who thinks anything different is yelled at with all caps for being anti-science, anti-electricity and anti-life. But the truth is, the Tesla of the Internet's memory is clearly different than the real Tesla. So much so that you can consider Tesla as two Teslas.