Monday, 16 September 2013

Christian News from Around the World (16/9)

Regeneration and evangelism? - Regeneration changes the sinner’s nature, empowering his will to repent and believe the gospel. Without this work, no one would ever “see” or “enter” the kingdom of God (John 3:3,5). That is, no one would ever be saved.

The Psychology of Happiness - When we get those things, we are happy, until we're not. Psychologists call this the hedonic treadmill, in which the efficacy of a new pleasure wears off over time. The more feel-good stuff we do or have, the more we need to achieve the same level of happiness. It's like the tolerance that develops over time in addiction, so we need three glasses of wine to get the same good feeling only one glass used to produce.

Happy Birthday Dear - Denise did not get three score and ten. She did not even get 48 years. As such it is a temptation for me to consider all that we have lost. I look at my children, especially our youngest who was just a year old when she was diagnosed, barely two when she died, and grieve that they did not have more time with her. How we all would have delighted on this day in all her favorite birthday rituals. 

Personal Relationship with Satan - We need to be careful here, obviously. We do not equate Jesus and Satan in some yin and yang kind of relationship. They are by no means equal. Jesus is creator and Satan is created; Jesus is the conquerer and Satan the conquered; Jesus is alive forever while Satan knows his time is short and that he must soon be thrown into the pit.