Friday, 20 September 2013

Christian News from Around the World (20/9)

Children's Bible Reading Plan - Good plan for those who want to read the bible with your children.

Living with Grizzlies -In the spiritual realm there is a great danger that Christians forget that the other believers in the church are still sinners. We grow used to each other, but we are still dangerous creatures, capable of inflicting devastating injuries on our unsuspecting victims. People are sinful, and to forget that is to set yourself up for a painful reminder. Living with sinners, even in church, comes with a level of risk at being summarily mauled, nipped, or at least occasionally scratched.

“Dad, I Think I Know All the Bible Stories Now” - And then, it hit me. For months (maybe years), I’ve conditioned him to think that attending a worship service is all about learning. From our Saturday night prayers (“Be with us tomorrow, Lord, as we go to church and learn more about You”) to after-church conversations (“What did you learn in Sunday School today?”), our way of talking about church is predominantly educational. No wonder he thought we should move on. If church is school, then eventually, you graduate, right?

Critics, Kids and Living Hope -Somethings that you might wished you had known earlier.