Friday, 20 September 2013

News from Around the World (20/9)

Steak, Vodka, Caviar and Food Stamp Cuts - Speier used a cooked steak, a bottle of vodka, and a can of caviar to point out members of Congress who had large numbers of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients in their districts but opposed the program. The congresswoman pointed out many of the same members of Congress took trips around the world with large stipends for food and lodging.

Beer prices at Oktoberfest completely defies economic logic - Normally, beer buyers shy away from this kind of price-hike craziness. “On average, a 1% increase in the price of beer triggers a roughly .3% decline in the demand,” according the report. But Oktoberfest, it appears, is anything but average. Dating all the way back to 1980, a 1% increase in beer prices at the event has, rather incredibly, corresponded with a 0.3% increase in demand.

10 Types of Odors - The analysis resulted in 10 basic odor groups. Why 10? It could also have been nine or 11, but 10 was the smallest number that still captured the interesting features of smell, Castro said.

Kinetic Sand - Denmark may have the lockdown on Lego, but a neighboring country is also producing something children can use to build things: Sand. No ordinary sand, of course. A company called Delta of Sweden, which manufactures modeling compounds for use in the educational, medical, therapeutic and arts & crafts markets, has an invention called Deltasand.

“How To” Escalator - It’s not uncommon to be stuck behind 5 giggling, shopping bag toting tourists standing on the left of the escalator for example… and there’s nothing worse than that when you’re on the way to work (my sincerest apologies for the month it took me to figure these things out!). What’s the solution?