Sunday, 8 September 2013

Christian News from Around the World (8/9)

Church, Faith, and Work - The gospel is seen as a means of finding individual peace and not as a ‘world-view’–a comprehensive interpretation of reality that affects all we do. But the gospel has a deep and vital impact on how we do art, business, government, media, and scholarship.

Start with Everyday Life, Now Overlay it with Gratitude - The saints we emulate have mastered thankfulness. For example, whenever a seventy-five-year-old great-grandmother prays, her gratitude is always prominent.

When You Are Planning to Sin Again - These patterns demand action. They kill our souls and our souls will not heal themselves over time. To the contrary, we need spiritual intervention.

Is it all About the Numbers? - Faces count to God as well. And they should matter to his church. People are not just numbers; they are faces with names and stories.

Richard Wurmbrand's Three Years of Solitary Confinement with Christ

"We count many costs in the Chrsitian life, 

and God in his way prepares us for them all" - Ravi Zaracharias