Monday, 9 September 2013

News from Around the World (9/9)

The Ultimate in Password Protection? - A new device called the Nymi has a different idea in mind for how to verify your identity, and with it, its creator Bionym prefigures a time where you don't so much as log in as present yourself.

Artists - creative professions are relatively low-paid, more likely to be unemployed—and robustly satisfied with their work.

Recycled Comic Books Become Superheroes - These looks really nice. 

3-D Scanning to Open Up History - The ability to 3-D scan an object—and not just bring it back to the real world through 3-D printing, but lending out that data itself—is incredibly powerful

Illusion of Horizontal Stripes in Photos - To achieve the striped effect in his series “Painted Stripes,” photographer Benedict Morgan had the sets painstakingly painted to give the illusion of straight gray lines across the finished image.