Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Snippets of Christian News from Around the World (3/9)

Singleness - Some thoughts on singleness

King Jesus on Your Campus: Resources for Effective College Ministry - Check out this website for many resources on campus/college ministry.

Connecting Evangelism and Church - Is evangelism an individual sport or a team sport? Really, it’s both. Think of fishing. There are times you might saunter down to the dock by your lonesome, dangle your feet off the side, and cast in a line. But ask the men on an ocean trawler what it takes to haul a ton of wriggling mackerel out of writhing seawaters. They desperately need one another.

Leisure and Labor—Two Gifts from God - Christians understand labor as a duty, but miss the fact that it is also a gift.... Most of us have an even harder time with leisure. Some of us make work of leisure time, even as we are supposed to be served by a myriad of appliances and technologies that “save” us time. But leisure is one of God’s gifts too.

Oh Sweet Lorraine and Missing Hope - Yet I couldn’t help but see that Fred’s love only reaches back. He looks back in time to precious memories, but does not look forward. He expresses wishes, but not hope.