Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Snippets of Christian News from Around the World (4/9)

Must Every Christian Evangelize? - Does the Bible require every Christian to evangelize? How we answer this question will radically impact the shape of pastoral ministry and daily discipleship, so it’s imperative to answer it correctly.

The Forest and the Trees: An Aid in OT Interpretation - Now, we need to be sure that we interpret each passage on its own terms, according to its context, always in search of the intent of the original author. But keeping this grand narrative of redemptive history in mind and locating at what point in the story of redemption that a particular passage finds itself, can often help us understand why some more obscure (or at least, seemingly-removed) passages are in the Bible.

Preparing for the pulpit - How do you prepare for your preaching?

William Carey and Andrew Fuller - William Carey turned the tide of history with a simple, pleading question he posed to Andrew Fuller, his like-minded friend and fellow member of the Baptist fraternal of ministers who met at Nottingham in 1792.