Monday, 2 September 2013

Snippets of Christian Posts From Around the World (2/9)

You Do Not Labor in Vain - Suddenly she saw that her work made life better for someone. She realized that work is the chief place where we love our neighbors as ourselves.

The Lordship of Jesus 100 Years Ago and Today - The saving Lordship of Jesus Christ over all the peoples of the world. The gospel of Jesus Christ as the one message authorized by God to save the nations from eternal destruction. There is no greater vision, no greater calling.

New Testament Scholars and Comparative Religion Scholar on Reza Aslan's Jesus book - Reza Aslan's book on the historical Jesus is made famous by his interview. To convince his interviewer of his competency to write on the topic, he qualified himself as an expert on the origin of Christianity .... Matthew J. Franck has pointed out Aslan's misrepresentation/exaggeration of his qualification.....

Will You Be a Believer Tomorrow Morning? - Christian, how do you know you will still be a believer when you wake up in the morning? And every morning till you meet Jesus? The biblical answer is: God will see to it. Are you okay with that? Does this make you uneasy, admitting it depends decisively on God?