Sunday, 1 September 2013

Snippets of News From Around the World (1/9)

The Price of a Child - The dramatic changes in how we conceive of childhood and how we value it remind us that ascribing outcomes to “the market” can easily obscure how the inputs of supply and demand are coloured by social and cultural factors that change over time. A cost-benefit analysis of national parks will yield very different answers to a nation of couch potatoes compared to a nation of John Muir outdoorsmen. Space tourism will be viable if people highly value the experience and unviable if risk-aversion wins out.

Pisces III: A dramatic underwater rescue - Forty years ago two British sailors plunged almost 1,600ft into an abyss, 150 miles off Ireland, in a deep-sea submersible. Trapped in a 6ft-diameter steel ball for three days, the men had only 12 minutes of oxygen left when they were finally rescued. The story of Pisces III, which made headlines at the time, is now largely forgotten.

Convict Cultivation: Growing Organic Behind Bars - Woodbourne is a medium-security men’s prison, situated in Sullivan County, New York. You end up at Woodbourne on robbery or manslaughter charges; maybe good behavior gets you transferred in from a tougher facility. It’s a largely conventional prison, for largely conventional prisoners. With one caveat: It’s unlikely you’ll learn to massage and dry kale at most other lockups. Student inmates learn how to garden sustainably, how to cook the harvest and where these skills fit into the bigger sociopolitical landscape (food deserts, industrial farming, etc.)

50 Unbelievable Facts About Earth - Many cool facts about the earth that you probably didn't even know about. 

10 Beautiful Places In The World That Actually Exist - How I wish I could visit all these places......

Bookshelves - If you like books and bookshelves, please prepare your heart before clicking it. 

P. S. This was my favourite photo.