Saturday, 2 November 2013

Christian News from Around the World (2/11)

The Safe Place for Our Kids' Shameful Questions - Parents, the simple fact is that our children take their shameful or embarrassed questions to a safe place. And today the ultimately safe places are Google or elsewhere on the Internet.

Is Chastity Possible? -  So is that it then? Is the Christian ideal of preserving sexual intimacy for marriage simply impossible? Well, yes. Yes it is. Remember—just in case anyone is feeling a bit smug—that when Jesus taught about sexual purity he didn’t stop at what you do with your genitals. He included your inner world....

Basic Hermeneutical Principles - Our approach to interpretation is called the Grammatical-Historical method. According to the G-H method, the student seeks to ascertain the meaning of a text by an analysis of the simple, direct, ordinary sense of grammatical constructions, with special attention paid to the facts of history, cultural milieu, and literary context.

Reflections on Money Mistakes - Some common money errors.

Why Pastors Neglect Managing - Neglect management at your peril. Pastoring a church is more than teaching; it also involves executing. Execution does not happen without management. All church leaders must manage. Pastors are shepherds. And shepherds manage sheep.