Saturday, 2 November 2013

News from Aroudn teh World (2/11)

Huge Dark Matter Experiment Finds Nothing but More Mysteries - It might appear strange to the rest of us, but a null finding is actually encouraging for physicists, who will use the results to set stringent limits on what kind of dark matter they might expect to find in the future.

Why Drug Traffickers Love Buses - Drug smugglers know this, which is why they love buses. Drug cops also know this, but can't do much about it.

Boeing 747 flying into the sunset - "The 747 is a dead man walking at this point," said Scott Hamilton, an aviation industry consultant and managing director of Leeham Co. in Issaquah, Wash. "It had its day and ushered in the era of the jumbo jet, but now that day is done."

How the World Population has Changed - This map can tell you everything about it.

Facebook Police - The junior analysts who make up the User Operations team are the human decision-makers behind the generally faceless Facebook machine. They are very real people who have been hired, oftentimes with only a few years of experience, to judge whether the videos and photos you post—or report—are potentially offensive, walking the line of propriety that would send the site spiralling into the irresponsible.